The artist’s imitating the ancient painting style, though it carries “imitation” in its name, is actually a product of rebirth. The “Imitating Ancient Painting Style” series did not originate from the artist’s intentional innovation, but rather from her admiration and fondness of Chinese classical paintings. Especially the fine and meticulous plant paintings of the Song dynasty, with their aesthetic mood of quiet observation, has found a great deal of resonance from the artist. Just like Su Shi(1037-1101), who upon reading the “Zhuang-tze” remarked: “I had many thoughts, yet not the words to express them. Today I have read this book, which says what I could not.” In light of such experiences, painters tend to dwell on them, and occasionally, designs from Chinese painting and calligraphy are introduced into the image of their works. Over time, the ideas in painting that attempt to fully investigate matters like the people of the Song dynasty did are integrated into the creative work.